Axe Cop Wave 1 4" Action Figures Full Set 3

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He’s a cop…with an axe…he’s AXE COP!

From Mezco Toyz we bring you the Axe Cop 4" scale action figures full set.

He’s the best crime fighter the world has ever known thanks to his trusty axe, his pet T-rex known as Wexter who has machine gun hands and a group of crime-fighting partners unlike any you’ve ever seen!

Axe Cop is the internet comic sensation based on a story a five year-old boy narrated to his twenty nine year old brother, who happens to be an illustrator and what began as a simple tale became an award-winning comic and animated TV series on Fox and now makes the leap to super cool collectibles with the Axe Cop 4" scale figures Series 1.

Each figure features up to five points of articulation and is individually packaged in a display friendly blister package covered with Axe cop artwork.

The full set includes the following figures.

Axe Cop, the star of the show who comes complete with his axe, uni baby, poopsucker gun, which helps him conquer Planet Poop and lemon grenade, which has all the explosive power of a regular grenade but with a lemony freshness.

Dr Doo Doo, one of Axe Cop’s many arch enemies and he comes with Doo Doo soldier, a sword and he also includes clear stands to create the “hover” effect.

Avocado Soldier, Axe Cop’s metamorphosing partner who comes with flute, machine gun and removable unicorn horn for magic powers, of course.

Ethan Nicolle, the artist behind Axe Cop, says: “Mezco worked closely with us to make the toys faithful to the comics and to pick the fan favorites and many of the toys look so much like my drawings in three dimensions it’s almost spooky so I’m excited to have Mezco making Axe Cop toys because they walk a great line between toys to look at and toys to play with and Axe Cop is for kids and adults and I think Mezco nails that market with their intricate but not-too-fragile designs.”

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